Print Run Controller

Print Run Controller

An optional software component called Print Run Controller (PRC) is now available for all Inca Onset printers. This software allows customers to print a multi-image, multi-region campaign in a pre-defined order, thereby reducing collating times and increasing the efficiency of production. PRC offers a number of benefits:

• Savings on collation and handling costs

• Savings on delivery costs

• Reduces operator errors

• Streamlined workflow

• Simplify the operator’s job

• Allows operators to concentrate on print quality and machine operation

For customers dealing with large quantities of variable data work, integrating this software ensures the fastest possible turnaround times. Rather than having to print in image order, it is now possible to decide the most cost-effective and time-efficient order to run the job, for example, by geographic location, according to the level of urgency, in store or shelf order, etc.

For more information on this software and how it can help your customers, please contact or read the PRC datasheet.