Inca Hub

Supporting Inca Digital and Third-Party Engineers

Inca Hub

Primarily designed to support Inca Digital and third-party engineers around the world, the Inca Hub is a secure repository of information including technical and marketing documentation, drawings and parts information, software and firmware, images and videos. It uses the bigtincan® platform to enable access via mobile devices, PCs and the web. Access is available via the bigtincan Apple® iOS application, Microsoft® Windows® applications and the bigtincan web portal.

Microsoft Windows 8/10 application - If you are running Windows 8 or Windows 10, a dedicated bigtincan application for these operating systems is available from the Microsoft store at

Apple iOS application – Repository structure and content is pushed automatically to iOS devices whenever internet access is available, meaning the latest information is always available and can be accessed subsequently at any time whilst offline. See for more information.

bigtincan web portal - Access to content via the bigtincan web portal requires internet access at all times. The web portal is accessible at This is the UK site.