Our Range of Digital Inkjet Printers

Core Product Values

We design and manufacture our products to the highest standard. When you choose Inca, you will get the benefits of our core product values across the portfolio.

Quality is Key

Technologies found on all of our products have been refined to give our customers the best print quality. Onset’s print engine and fast moving vacuum bed are built on a very robust chassis which enables pin-point drop placement accuracy of billions of drops per second, all day, every day. Inca’s patented “print-a-shim” process takes the technology to the next level, optically mapping and adjusting for optimum quality across the bed. Inca’s nozzle-mapping feature minimizes print quality issues caused by deviated, unstable or blocked nozzles. It automatically identifies defective nozzles; the software scans and analyses a printed test pattern, prevents jetting from affected nozzles and compensates with adjacent functional nozzles. By dramatically minimising the use of deviating nozzles, we are confident that our printers will maintain their maximum throughput.

Print into the Future

Inca printers have a justified reputation for extraordinary reliability and unmatched production up time. The combination of compatible hardware, software and inks on a well maintained machine can mean that the printheads can potentially last the lifetime of the printer. The Automated Cleaning Station helps maintain printheads without manual operator intervention and the in-built Maintenance Scheduler displays and plans tasks for the operator, which can be logged and tracked. 

A major contributor to this performance is IncaVision, a software-based customer support service unique to Inca Digital. IncaVision allows Inca to remotely and regularly remotely monitor and diagnose printer issues in the field, conducting diagnostics to determine how well they are performing and – often even before customers know they have a problem – decide whether there is a need for engineering support.