OUR Range of Digital Inkjet Printers

Our range of digital inkjet printers

Since 2005, Inca has been part of the SCREEN Group, who sees inkjet as a critical technology for their future business. 2007 saw the launch of the revolutionary Onset Series - this has developed over the years leading to the launch of the Onset X Series in 2015, which is sold exclusively by Fujifilm. Inca has developed the mid-range Truepress Jet W3200UV printer for SCREEN GP; and the SpyderX launched in 2016 is sold by Inca Digital through its global reseller network.

In November 2013, Inca launched the ‘next generation’ Scaleable Architecture platform for the Onset series. This new ‘future-proof’ modular platform design gives companies the power to evolve the productivity and colour options of their Onset printers on-site to match their changing business needs.

Scaleable Architecture

Onset Scaleable Architecture allows companies to keep pace with developments and maximise ROI. It allows them to tailor the best printer for their initial requirements, but with considerable flexibility to convert quality, speed and ink options whenever they wish.

Multi-Layer Printing

To enhance flexibility within the pre-press workflow this software enables the creation of multi-layered job files. Image layers (single layer jobs processed by the RIP software) can be combined with auto-generated layers. This feature enables printing white layers for back-lit jobs or window clings, creating spot gloss images and it can combine image layers with auto-generated layers.