Scalable Architecture

The Onset X HS (High Speed) Series

Onset X HS Series

Super Fast Speed 

Featuring three machines, the Onset X1 HS, the Onset X2 HS and the Onset X3 HS, the new range offers a dramatic increase in speed and productivity – now printing up to a blistering 1,450m²/hr, more than 50 per cent higher than previously published throughput figures by utilising a new single cycle mode.

Compatible with Inca Digital’s range of application specific robotic handling systems, and incorporating ‘30 second’ job set up and ‘single cycle’ printing mode, the new HS range delivers another ‘step change’ in inkjet printing. This step change results in super-fast print speeds and swift job changeover which increase productivity and machine utilisation. 

Swift Job Changeover

Attributed to the '30 second' set up, the critical tasks involved for bringing a job to the press have been massively reduced from an average of 15 minutes to 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds, automatic adjustment of UV shutters, vacuum table zoning and robot automation effectors are configured simultaneously at the click of button. This enhancement results in far less manual interventions and boosts the printer uptime and utilisation.

Onset X HS Series Brochure

For more details please see the brochure.