Point of Purchase


Point-of-Purchase (POP) is becoming an increasingly important part of the advertising mix because it heavily impacts purchase decision-making at the most immediate point. 

POP is one of the primary applications for wide-format digital printing; companies recognise that customised signage is more effective.

Advertising print covers direct mail, promotional leaflets and flyers, point-of-sale, banners, posters and signage. The visual communications (signage and display) sector was one of the earliest to adopt inkjet, with wide-format flatbed printers.

UV-curable ink offers very high productivity, application and media versatility, and a low cost per square metre, providing opportunities for growth and expansion and for UV digital printing to take on more in the field of graphic communications.

With improved speed and quality, our printers can provide better, faster and more cost-effective options to customers, allowing them to make an immediate impact to their advertising needs as the market changes.