Custom Technology

Our inkjet technology, quality and achievable speed has developed to the extent that it is challenging traditional printing, besides from screen printing. We understand the need for robust machinery in production environments. Our core technologies, including software correction for nozzle compensation, ensure the print quality and reliability that is essential for an industrial environment. The Onset X Series is our industrial workhorse suited to a variety of applications, including: wood panels, metal decoration, 3 part cans and wall panels. Delivering unprecedented digital productivity and reliability allows you to meet demanding turnarounds with your quality need. Inkjet creates many opportunities for printers including: short runs, promotions, unique packaging/products, manufacturing very small quantities and the ability to print on textured surfaces. We have an increasing range of automation handling solutions for the Onset. Whether it’s for light or heavy substrates or for increased productivity, we can provide the best handling system to suit your needs. For lower volume applications, the SpyderX is our hybrid machine series ideal for companies looking to start using digital printing, or for smaller runs and prototyping. 

Inca Genius

By leveraging the knowledge, established technology and in-house development of Inca Digital, the Inca Genius team is focused on future technologies for industrial inkjet printing. We are committed to evolving and integrating inkjet technology into industrial production environments. 

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