Website Launch 2016

We have come a long way since our first meeting with the team at Optic Creative back in May…

First discussions involved the general look and feel of the new website and certain features we wanted to include. One of the main objectives was to have consistency of the layout across all pages to allow ease of use for anyone visiting our site. 

One of the biggest tasks was building a new image bank, Paul Cook (Paul Cook Photography) helped us with this, capturing our products, and allowing our target audience to see inside Inca, in particular our 3000 sq foot manufacturing facility.

Both Ross and Stewart have been brilliant throughout the whole process, putting in the extra hours to meet deadlines.

Last week we had a handover day in which a few employees from Inca were involved in the final sign off of the design. The afternoon was spent going through a much simpler CMS system that I look forward to using. The simple CMS system will allow us to keep all technical information on the site up to date.

Our website is due to go live on Monday 12th September.