For the Inca Onset series of machines, which are designed for high volume, cost-effective printing on a wide variety of materials up to 3.22m x 1.6m and 50mm thick - automation really needs to be considered.

By adding automation to an Inca Onset, companies can significantly boost productivity when compared with manual handling. A variety of sheet sizes can be pre-positioned during the printing process, ready for the handling system to remove the printed sheets swiftly and load the next. In addition, the automation system can load up to three sheets at a time, and has the precision to accommodate double sided print accurately.

Production automation is important to our customers to ensure maximum productivity and cost-efficiency with minimal downtime in order to deliver the very best return on investment. While printer speed makes a significant impact on productivity, Inca Digital has also learned that automated feed and take-up systems as well as productivity software can have a substantial bearing on daily output.

Automation Options

• Manual loading: The material is placed on the printer and removed completely by hand.

• Semi automation: Material is placed onto the printer by hand, but the automation removes it to a stack on a pallet.

• 3/4 automation: The material is placed on a lay table by the operator during the print cycle and the operator tells the machine that the loading is complete and correct. The automation puts the material on the printer and, afterwards, the automation removes the printed piece to the stack on the pallet.

• Full automation: A stack of material is placed into a feeder, the feeder loads it one sheet at a time, prints, then the unloader removes the finished print to a second stack (usually on a pallet). As print times on an Onset can be shorter than the manual loading time, minimum handling time and maximum productivity is ensured by adding automation. Inca’s versatile automation system gives users the ability to operate in manual, semi, 3/4 or full automation from the same configuration.

The full automation system is an integration between a Hostert® automated feeder and alignment table and Inca’s proprietary material loader and take off system. This combination allows for continuous printing onto a variety of material types and sizes commonly used within the display, POP and sign markets.