Increase Efficiency and Save Time


IncaConnect is Inca Digital’s new suite of software tools designed to offer opportunities to increase efficiency and save time. Building on the success of ReporterPro and PRC (print run controller), IncaConnect offers Inca Digital customers the ability to seamlessly integrate Inca printers into existing MIS and prepress software systems.

As the number of individual jobs of short run-length rise, the per-job setup time is increasingly important. The machines are now so fast that customers report operators spend more time administrating the job on the machine (finding the job, laying it out, logging time and material in their MIS data terminal) than actually printing, meanwhile, the printer sits waiting when it could be fully operative.

As the number of individual jobs goes up, opportunities to increase operational efficiencies, such as running shifts to print on specific substrates or identifying the most reliable print-modes, remain hidden in the machine’s printing logs and are not immediately available in a way that patterns can be easily identified.

Solving these problems has proven to be surprisingly difficult for both customers and vendors. Customers want a consolidated approach that sits across production portfolio, but creating such a one-size-fits-all system is notoriously complicated. IncaConnect is the solution to this problem. 

IncaAccess and IncaScript aim to reduce manual intervention for job preparation by allowing the print operator to maximise their focus on making money by printing and not continually setting up the press. IncaViewer and IncaAPI focus on providing the customer with accurate production data which is intelligently displayed via the Web GUI helping to quickly identify and analyse areas of opportunity or improvement.

IncaConnect comes with a host of features as standard, with fewer manual touchpoints and subsequent potential human error, ensuring the printer is for printing with a real focus on quality.


  • Web-based GUI offers a range of tools that enable job setup to be completed away from the printer.
  • Opportunity to improve scheduling and increase productivity.
  • The ‘printer’ prints.


  • Bespoke extensions created to bridge the gap between a customer’s 3rd party systems such as MIS, Workflow and RIP.
  • Automated job configuration based on predefined rules.
  • Extend visibility, planning and analysis beyond the press console.


  • Extensive productivity and materials data.
  • Filtering by multiple parameters such as job name, size, substrate type and finish.
  • ‘Comparison mode’ for data set comparison and assessment.
  • Per job data analysis including KPIs and graphs.


  • Feedback pertinent data to 3rd party software solutions.