Onset X series

Onset X2

As the business expands, Onset X2 provides the capacity to extend the range of jobs companies can handle. The addition of a second set of CMYK delivers even higher productivity – up to 692m²/hr (138 beds/hr) – while an optional six LcLmWO channels can be populated to add versatility and superb quality. A choice of uni- directional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements.

Product Description

Maximum Substrate Size: 3.22m x 1.6m (126.8" x 63")

Maximum Substrate Thickness: 50mm (2") in manual mode, 18mm (0.7") using automation

Maximum substrate weight: 80 kg in manual mode, 10 kg using automation

Print Area: 3.22m x 1.6m (126.8" x 63")

Operator Console with Monitor

Load/unload Options2 x UV Curing Lamps

Uni-directional and Bi-directional Print Capability