RIP Options


Inca currently uses the ColorGATE ProductionServer 8, the latest edition of ColorGATE RIP software. This new version allows for even faster print job processing and more precise colour management.

As well as optimising print quality, ColorGATE offers enhanced tiling features enabling users to tile wide format jobs horizontally, create complex segmenting as quickly as possible and save ink and media.

ColorGATE also benefits from a number of optional extra modules to help with ICC profiling, colour proofing and quality assurance. The Adobe PDF Print Engine 2 (APPE) is also available and can be used with any Inca printer to increase print productivity and quality even further.

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Caldera GrandRIP+

The Caldera GrandRIP+ has now been added to the Inca Portfolio to give customers an even greater choice of RIP solutions to meet their specific needs. The Caldera GrandRIP+ is a fast, flexible and powerful production workflow designed exclusively to drive a range of UV wide-format, flat-bed printers. It is well-suited for use with the Inca Spyder and Onset ranges.

The GrandRIP+ software is particularly beneficial to many Inca customers as it has the optional feature of the Adobe PDF Print Engine 2 (APPE) and can be run on a Mac or Linux operating system. It supports a wide range of input file formats including PostScript and PDF, in addition to standard image file formats.

Print accuracy is much easier to achieve with the GrandRIP+ as it features sophisticated pre-flight checks and job previews, and includes automatic detection and simulation of spot colours based on media profiles. This particular RIP software benefits from advanced layout, tiling, step-and-repeat and nesting features to optimise the output of very large, mixed and repeating jobs. These features keep processing time to a minimum and reduce the amount of ink and media used.

Inca has worked closely with Caldera to develop drivers that are specific to Inca’s range of printers. This ensures seamless compatibility, reliability and maximum productivity.

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