As part of the initial installation of your machine, your operators will receive basic Operator Training free of charge which will enable them to safely operate and maintain the equipment in the best possible way. We consider training to be a vital part of the understanding of the printer, as it will improve machine uptime and reduce running costs, provided that it is maintained in the recommended method.

Printer Operator Training

Training courses are Performance Based Equipment Training (PBET) based. PBET emphasises practical skill development using actual tools in a high quality, professional training environment. This form of training requires delegates to sign a set of objectives, based on a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA). When the Instructor AND the Delegate are both satisfied that the task can be performed satisfactorily the Objective is signed.

There is no Pass/Fail within PBET, only 100% compliance. If for any reason an objective cannot be completed, it can be repeated or revisited later. Graduates will then be granted a Certificate of Achievement, signifying they have met the PBET standards for that course. The user manual for the machine is the fundamental pivot for this course - all tasks are based on finding information and performing tasks described within it.

For more details on training available to you please contact the Training Department at